The InCharge® Education Foundation is ready to connect with organizations, helping them incorporate personal financial literacy tools and programs for their members, employees and customers to help reduce consumer debt and improve financial literacy.

How Can We Help You? We offer real-life solutions, access to confidential counseling support and valuable educational tools, all designed to help consumers in need. InCharge can provide a customized program that will empower them to make better personal decisions and take charge of their financial situations.

Contact Us: To learn more about InCharge Education Foundation, its products, services and partnering programs, please contact the Education Relationships department at 1-866-729-0050 or email.


Current Partners

The Foundation maintains strong, active working relationships with a number of organizations, with support ranging from membership and financial contributor to the design and development of innovative personal finance education programs.

Financial Stress Costs Organizations and Their Employees Big Money

Financial distress is a workplace issue because many workers who struggle with money problems are less productive on the job.