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The InCharge Education Foundation COPE™ Scale

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InCharge® Education Foundation is dedicated to providing extensive, ongoing research that consists of valid, reliable and useful data, information and education on the behaviors and issues facing average individuals and families on consumer credit, money management and financial well-being for clients, consumers, businesses, educators, creditors and media. Through national surveys, economic analysis and the publication of reports and articles, the Foundation offers quality research resources available worldwide via print and the Internet.


The InCharge Education Foundation COPE ScaleTM is an instrument constructed to help assess the changes, advances and progress people make with respect to their financial condition over time.

ICEF Scholars Program

The ICI Scholars entails frequent surveys of the US population followed by the analysis, public presentation and journal publication of findings. Data is often collected primarily about the debt distressed, with the intention of identifying the causes and effects of burdensome indebtedness.

Special Reports

Special topics are introduced to the general population based on current events which affect them and their personal finances.

Reports & Publications

An array of research data, papers and studies on consumer financial behavior and financial stress, and how credit counseling and debt management programs can help, with a special emphasis on financial education in the workplace.

Economic Analysis

Economic news, trends and other key metrics assembled by the InCharge Education Foundation research group.

DMP Statistics

Statistics on those who sought help with debt problems and chose to participate in a debt management program.